Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is a prolific garden bloomer. We harvest the orange & yellow flowers almost daily, infuse them in extra virgin olive oil for a few weeks in the warm sun to extract the active medicinal components and use the oil in many of our salves & healing balms. Calendula oil is very soothing to the skin. It is antiseptic, heals skin irritations, is anti microbial & anti fungal & is generally beneficial for the skin. It can be used on cuts, burns, sunburn, chapped skin and in face creams & cosmetics.



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Gypsy Moon

grown locally. harvested sustainably. infused with love.

Homegrown, organic botanicals and wildcrafted herbs
using pure essential oils – no artificial ingredients or fragrances.
Non-local ingredients are organic and/or harvested sustainably.

All products are made in small batches
and are tested by family & friends.

... Nurturing the Gypsy within.